"Bicycling" - Rotary on 8 April



Joe Elam from Habersham Bicycles provided a program on bicycling today.  the reasons many individuals bike is for fitness and stress relief, challenging for distance, and opportunity for a family to interact together.

Joe also talked about personal safety and responsibility that each cyclist has for riding in a safe manner and following the laws that apply to bicycling.  Part of being responsible is choosing both the time and location for safe cycling.  Helmets are required for anyone under 16 years of age and may be required on trails based on jurisdiction of trail.  He provides safety education information when someone purchases a bike from his shop.

In his discussion, Joe also takes about how the State of Georgia is slowly starting to become more bicycle friendly with bike pathways and lanes being developed for this activity.  Some communities are moving forward sooner, like the Silver Comet Trail, as a good example of a biking pathway.

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