October 23


Rotary Group Study Exchange Team member Melissa Gill gave a wonderful presentation concerning her 2010 Group Study visit to England.  It was a life changing experience for her, and she has now joined Rotary, and is the President Elect of the Rotary Club of White County!!!



Some of Melissa's Personal Learning Experiences which she shared with the club:

  • Control is a wonderful thing, but so is learning to allow others to have control as well.  Faith and trust in others can provide you with exceptional life experiences.
  • Planning and organization are wonderful skills to possess, but so are spontaneity and flexibility.  Be willing to live freely.
  • You are never so proud to be an American as when you hear the National Anthem played while you are standing on foreign soil.
  • Friendship is universal.  Open hearts and open minds lead to lifelong connections of friendship.
  • Team strength is built on differences, not similarities.  Allow yourself to learn and grow through the shared thoughts and experiences of others.
  • Family is paramount in building stability and happiness.  When everything else changes, family remains.

GREAT life lessons for us all!!!

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