Rotary on 27 June, 2017 - Starting a New Rotary Year

We enjoyed our meeting today as President Al Trembley directed our program.
Several of our members discussed their own avenues of volunteer work that they are active in 
outside of Rotary.
Happy 8 Year Anniversary to the Rotary Club of Hall County
This was too funny!  Emphasis on the "E"
Al has his hand in a little bit of everything.
We are not sure how he juggles it all, but he is doing a
great job!
Kim Reichling volunteers his time with Therapy Dogs International.
An organization that he and his wife donate time to.
Not only does Jim Syphan run a local christian based company,
he also is behind the construction project of a new park that will have a restored centuries old mill
as well as a farm equipment museum.
We are all so excited to see this upon completion.